Have you come to a point in life when you're just not sure? Not sure of whether your career is right for you? Or you wonder why you haven’t been able to accomplish the goals you set out for yourself?

I understand, I have been there and I can help you, whether it’s looking at your career (or mission in life,) overcoming obstacles and helping you achieve your goals.

Together we will develop a strategy for your future and/or an action plan to help you achieve the goals we identify.

I have been a corporate strategist for over 20 years, during which time I have consulted with clients to determine the best course of actions in their business challenges. While I was very good at it, I realized that my true calling is to help people with their personal challenges.

I am a Certified Career Intuitive “I See Your Dream Job” Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach. This training, combined with my career as a strategist and mentor, gives me the knowledge and skill set to help you find your dream job (or mission in life,) overcome obstacles in your life and help you take the steps to realize your goals.